Placing boards over your insulation can be a great idea if done correctly. By boarding over your loft insulation, you can create a lot more storage space whilst creating a safe and stable environment. Despite this being an extremely effective solution, it is important to complete the process to the best standard to ensure that your loft insulation isn’t compromised.

Loft insulation
 It is important to install boarding correctly to reduce the risk of any other issues in the future.

Start with the basics

When looking into boarding over your loft insulation, don’t forget to consider your basic measurements. You will need to complete a structural analysis to check that your loft can hold the extra storage weight. According to the Building Regulations guidance, all lofts in new-builds should be designed to carry 25kg per square metre.

Leave a gap

It is integral to leave a gap between your insulation and the boards upon installation. There are products that you can use to create a safe, yet raised, area. This is to ensure that the insulation remains efficient and to reduce any risk of condensation. Squashing insulation can reduce its thermal performance by over 50%, so keep this in mind.

Be aware of downlights

Being aware of which light fixtures you have beneath your insulation would help to prevent any fire safety risks. If you have downlights, it could be dangerous to place boarding over the top of these lights. By directly covering these fittings with layers of insulation and boarding, they can easily overheat and pose fire risks.

Downlight covers can be used to create a safe air volume around the light. If you are ever in doubt, check with the fitting manager.

Loft insulation
There are many products available to create a raised surface for your loft boards.

Do not install boards on joists or trusses

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when installing boards above your loft insulation. Boarding directly onto joists and/or trusses would mean having reduced insulation or squashing of insulation between the joists.

It is best to avoid insulation compression or the removal of insulation, as this will become evident within your energy prices.

Do yourself a favour…

The most important thing to remember is that boarding your loft is an investment for the future. It will ultimately save you a lot of money due to the thermal benefits, and it will also bring about a great storage solution.

Make sure to do your research thoroughly and to follow all the correct guidelines and procedures.

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Written by Molly for Towy Valley