Loft insulation & install

Loft insulation is a simple measure that continuously benefits your home for many years. You lose a quarter of your heat through the roof if you have an uninsulated loft.

With installing loft insulation the Energy Saving Trust have confirmed that for example a semi-detached house could save over £130 a year on their energy bills*. If we can access your loft and there are no damp problems, then we can help.

If you are on the required benefits, then we have funding available to install another measure at your home as well as the loft insulation, so it will greatly reduce your energy bills and make your home warmer.

loft insulation diagramThis insulation can be installed as a single measure and then you don’t have to be on qualifying benefits. ECO have confirmed that several properties can be improved without the need of benefits. If the property meets the criteria, then the insulation can be fitted under the Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation (CERO).

* Source: Energy Saving Trust