Solid Wall Insulation

There have been over a million homes built in the UK with solid walls. Properties with this wall type are not very efficient at keeping heat in. It’s confirmed that a third of the heat in your property escapes through your walls. This is where the ECO scheme can help. If your property has solid walls and you are on a qualifying benefit, then you can have your property insulated with external wall insulation.

Not only will you benefit from making your property warmer, but the look of your home will also be transformed with an external coating.

The process involves securing insulation boards to the outside of your home. This is then covered in a mesh to reinforce the boards and then a base coat is applied. Once the base coat has dried your home will then have a decorative finish giving it a whole new look and reducing your energy bills.

With the new look, external wall insulation can also add value to your home, make it more soundproof and help protect it from damp.

Installing external wall insulation can be an expensive process, but a high amount of the cost can be covered with funding. Not only homeowners can take advantage of this measure the government has confirmed tenants can have their rented properties insulated. Please complete the form on our home page to see if you qualify.