Boiler Types

As a part of the Eco scheme we offer homeowners on qualifying benefits brand new 100% free A-rated Oil, Gas and LPG boilers the three most common types of boilers are Combi (combination), System and conventional boilers here is a quick and simple explanation of each of these boiler types:

Combination Boilers (Combi Boiler)

Combi Boiler installation ammanford llandeilo carmarthenshire walesThe combi boiler is by far the most popular boiler in the UK, providing heating and Instant hot water on demand, this in turn means that you only pay for the water you use as you are not heating a full cylinder of water just to use a small amount of hot water.

Making it one of the most efficient and liked type of boiler.


What is a combi boiler?

  • Hot water at mains pressure at the turn of a tap
  • A self-contained unit without the need of a separate hot water cylinder
  • Size ranges to fit the smallest of flats to the largest of houses
  • Energy saving trust advises the combi boiler for households with a low demand of hot water

System Boilers

system boiler installation ammanford llandeilo carmarthenshire walesThe system boiler is better suited to the larger household that has a higher demand for hot water while also providing central heating, the system boiler requires a hot water storage tank this allows the boiler to provide a higher flow rate of hot water meaning more than one tap can be used at once.


What is a system boiler?

  • Provides hot water to more than one tap at the same time
  • More economical to run
  • The central heating pump and expansion vessel are held within the boiler
  • Sizes to suit all size properties but better suited for the larger property
  • Recommended by the Energy Saving Trust

Coventional/Heat only boilers

conventional boiler installation ammanford llandeilo carmarthenshire walesThe Heat only boiler is the same as the system boiler as it needs a hot water cylinder to provide hot water but the main difference is that the central heating pump and expansion vessel (if the system requires one) is fitted externally.

The heat only boiler is usually a straight forward boiler swap and tends to be a smaller unit which makes it a very popular boiler.


What is a heat only boiler?

  • Straight forward to install
  • Smaller, more aesthetic unit
  • Allows the use of more than one tap at a time
  • Can be found in a large range of sizes
  • Recommended by Energy Saving Trust