As Energy Company Obligation 2017-18, or ECO2T better known in short, comes to end later this year, the process of Energy Company Obligation 2018 to 2022 (ECO3) by the government will begin.

What is ECO3?

ECO3 will be the government’s latest ECO programme that is aimed at providing energy efficiency measures to households across the UK with the target to reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty. ECO2T will end in September 2018 and the result of a recent consultation has led to the new ECO3 programme that will begin in the 1st October 2018.


What can we expect with ECO3?

Homeowners and households should be prepared to:

  • Install alternative measures other than gas. These options may include heat pumps, Micro combined heat & power (micro-CHP) and mixed solutions
  • Seek possibilities for whole house retrofit that can help utilize funding opportunities
  • Work with local charities, health organisations and community groups to distinguish and refer households
  • Maximize entitlement of eligible homes (aimed at Local Authorities)


Apply for boiler grant today

Following a consultation with the energy companies, it has been confirmed that the funding for oil boilers will no longer be available under ECO3 so if you have an oil boiler that is inefficient, and you are on qualifying benefits apply for a grant today before it’s too late